Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Journey of Life

I have been walking for the past 26 years and here I am, still pulling my leg; step by step, attempting to walk through the journey of life towards the end. When will I reach the finishing line? When I supposed to stop pulling my leg? Hold a minute! Is there any finishing line at the first place? Some say the journey of life is no ending. I must depart from such view. The journey must end when you stop breathing. You then can tell that the finishing line is there. Having decided so, the next curiosity is when will you stop breathing? You can almost decide that you have stop breathing when HE put His Arms around you and whisper to you "please come with me". There is however no certainty when HE will whisper to you. Age, illness and injury just can't tell. Some heard the whisper just untimely and some have waited for it many many years. Obviously you can't reject HIS invitation. Just before you step forward, pulling your leg to follow HIM, spend some times to recall what have you achieved throughout the journey of life that you had walked through. Never proud of what you had achieved, it is not permanent; even if, surely not the the perfect one. Also, never regret what you have not achieved, you can't seek for extension of time to achieve it. More important, never reluctant to leave behind your achievements, be it monetary or assets because you commence your journey with nothing, and you are not supposed to bring along with you anything when you would have to leave. So, leave behind everything, follow HIM without hesitation. You don't need it in your next journey anyway. Come with clean hand, leave with clean hand as well. Don't just leave behind you merely dust! So, why seeking for too many wealth throughout your journey of life? You don't need it anyway once HE invited you to follow Him. Even if you need it, can you carry all along with you? How then you want to fit it into that "tiny box"? I have in many occasions seen that "tiny box" fitted with lots of money and jeweleries. Sadly but truly, none is genuine! Suffice if you have what you need, perhaps with a little more extra. Again, live the simple, but not the simplest way!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My 1st Posting!

Calvin is now on the blog! Perhaps this is how I start by dropping a few lines here.

I have not think of any topic to post yet but let me just start my 1st posting by welcoming those who is and will be reading this blog sooner or later. If you don't like the way I put my words in this blog, hit the "comment"'s link and drop your line of words as I welcome any kind of comments, suggestions and criticisms. They said it is all about freedom of speech and expression and I agree with them. So, here I am; putting down my words according to the way I prefer. Who cares! If you don't like the way I put it, leave this blog or hit the "comment"s link. I just don't care which one you want to opt to. Sounds arrogance? I sound like one but if you know me better, it tells the whole story! Lift the veil to see a person's personality. His or her words somehow just deceiving; yet human tends to believe and rely on words.

Most of the times, I just don't get it-human behavior. I try to understand, but some of my attempts failed. So, I call it "variety" so that I would not get confused. Yes, variety! It has to be so or everything will look, feel and sound alike. Where is the fun then, isn't? Life is just complicated, so put it as simple as you can. Why crack your head trying to seek for more complication? Live the more simple, but not the simplest way. Everything should be fine. Don't create havoc, don't run into others' parade, don't hate your enemy, don't involve in drugs, don't drink and drive, don't rely to much on others. You will be fine.

I guess I should stop. 1st posting shouldn't be too lengthy. See you in my next posting! May peace, happiness and success always be with everyone of you. Take care of yourself, your family and your possessions.