Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Biar Papa Asal Bergaya"?

Recent years, the evolution of smart phones hit the market greatly, so great that many willing to let their pocket empty so long as they get one. A few of these smart machines; to mention are Blackberry, iphone and HTC. No doubt they are smart in their own features but some of us (from my recent years of observations) are "stupid" enough to be smart! My observations are as follows:-

(a) They get a smart phone (some even get two or more) despite knowing that their pocket don't allow them. "Never mind"they said because they can always get a "FAMA" loan which they will never repay. The financier for this "FAMA" loan is their parents! The financier never bother to demand for repayment and the "borrower" closes two eyes and conveniently forget their promises to repay. So they got a smart phone and tell the whole world about it. That is fine enough if the problem end here. But read below.

(b) The smart phone then lead to their stupidity. Now they know that a smart phone will not be so smart without what we called "data plan". So they subscribed to one and get "smart". Because their pocket disapproved them from getting a smart phone at the first place, they now discovered that they can only subscribed to a prepaid data plan as opposed to a postpaid data plan. Not even a plan though since it may be only daily charges or weekly charges basis! Again, they said "never mind". So, they consistently have to top up their prepaid credit so that their smart phone get smart. Fine enough, so long as you consistently do the topping up.

(c) To most of my horror and dismay, they "defaulted" in keeping on the topping up. They said "never mind" again. "Lets do credit sharing" they said. So they send a most annoying SMS to their friends. That type of SMS sounds like this: "ABC is requesting to share RM10 from you...". As simple as that so that when that particular friend who received that annoying SMS reply to say "YES", the smart phone resumes it smart features again. And when nobody reply with a "YES", the smart phone then become less smart and will only be able to merely receive SMS or call. This would last for a week or even more. In the meantime, they keep sending the annoying SMS with a hope that somebody is kind enough to reply "YES". When all their attempts failed, they can only wait until end of the month or early of the month, that is when their own pocket is filled up with something or when their "financier" is back to track to provide "FAMA" loan again. In case you forget who is the financier, refer to (a) above.

(d) Some of them even smart enough to squeeze their BF / GF's pocket to the last drop of the juice so that they can get a smart phone. This squeezing part continue from time to time because the "topping up" is always required. The BF / GF got no choice. They have to let themselves being squeezed or else they get nothing to "squeeze" whenever the need arrive!

All those people falls under the above is what Malay called "BIAR PAPA ASAL BERGAYA".

Having said so much of my observations, I must however not putting a blame on smart phones at all. Be smart before you get a smart phone. If your pocket don't allow you, hold back until your pocket give a green light. It must be your own pocket giving that green light, not others pocket(s). Otherwise, stay to whatever phone(s) that you have. Don't rush into getting one and trying to be smart when you are not at all.

I must also give credit to many of whom I know who "know how deep is their pocket". These are the smart people! Keep it up, not only about smart phone, but other stuff as well. That is the way to be smart. Know your pocket before you act.

Why do I said so much? Because I have been consistently receiving that "ANNOYING SMS"!

Come one people, know how deep is your pocket before you ashamed yourself.

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